Food & Drinks

When Florence is the place that welcomes our awakenings and gives space to our dreams, what else could we wish for? Surely a good breakfast, a delicious snack or a delicious aperitif can be the most inviting of suggestions and an invitation to taste the stories, streets, buildings and surroundings of the Tuscan capital, right away, in the comfort of your hotel.



There are those who consider breakfast the most important meal, it is certainly a moment that begins the day and which Palazzo Montebello celebrates by offering its guests a varied buffet, sweet and savory, with products that enhance the Florentine territory and other, more international ones. A very tasty beginning, which anticipates the discovery of the streets that were crossed by Dante, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci.



Not just a bar, but a showcase of fine liqueurs and imaginative drinks, where you can indulge in a multisensory experience.

Between classic or sophisticated cocktails and white and red wines, the Bar of Palazzo Montebello is a front row seat where to appreciate all the nuances and landscapes of Italian wine culture, a journey through colors and flavors that caresses and surprises, like the splendid Cradle of the Renaissance.

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