Botteghe artigiane d’Oltrarno


If you have already spent a lot of time visiting the countless churches and art galleries since your holiday in Florence began, experience the itinerary that will make you discover the wanders of old traditional Florentine shops and artistic craftsmanship. 

You will be able to observe with your own eyes live master craftsmen making artifacts of all kinds and for all budgets. Be careful though, there is a high risk of returning to your apartment with bags full of freshly made purchases!

Passionate about restoration and antiques? Walk along via Maggio in Oltrarno where you can browse the windows of master-restorers and admire the style of antique furniture. Walking through the adjacent streets, you will also find small shops where you can buy small antiques at an affordable price. Not only will these newly-acquired items embellish your apartment, it will also let you bring a small piece of Florence at home.

Do you have a thing for shoes? Not only is Florence the main city for leather processing, but the Oltrarno, in the San Frediano district, is precisely the place where you can see artisans involved in making custom-made shoes at work. Are you sure you can resist the temptation to get a couple made? If you have chosen summer for your holidays in Florence, this is just the right opportunity to buy a pair of handmade sandals.

Oltrarno teems with goldsmiths’ workshops, too. Perhaps such jewels will not be within everyone’s reach, but why not take a look to take home at least its memory? Take a trip to see the Chilleri brothers’ goldsmiths in Via dello Sprone or Ugo Bellini in via Sant ’Agostino and who knows, you might not think the price is too crazy after all…

Let yourself be fascinated by the art of paper making in the heart of Oltrarno. The artisan shops of marbled paper and bookbinding will enchant you with their colors and time will pass without you even noticing. You will surely find a myriad of unusual items and interesting gift ideas for those waiting for you at home on your return from your trip!