My Room

Air Conditioning


The system supplies hot and cold air with room temperature adjusted to standard parameters that can be comfortably controlled by increasing and decreasing the temperature by three degrees compared to the set one.

In compliance with the provisions of Ministry for the Ecological Transition, in this accommodation the heating system can be kept turned on only during the period from November 08th to April 07th, not more than 11 hours per day. The weighted average air temperature shall not exceed 19 degrees celsius.



Alarm Clock


can be requested at the reception or by calling the reception dialing “801”.



Baggage Deposit


can be used free of charge.





is scheduled at 12:00 noon. Late check-out is subject to availability of the room, please contact reception for information and find out the extra charge that applies.



Courtesy Line


our bathrooms offer a complete line of courtesy products. Do not hesitate to contact our reception if you need additional products.



Do Not Disturb


from the control panel beside your bed you can activate the “Do not disturb” command by pressing the “no access” button.





can be requested at the reception or by calling the reception dialing “801”.





leaving the room, the badge must always be taken away from the reader so the system will automatically switch off the lights.





the room is equipped with an electronic safe where we ask you to leave all valuables. The instructions for use are indicated on the device.



Voltage of the Electric Current


The room is supplied with electricity of a voltage of 220V, therefore we ask you to check the voltage of your appliances before use. If necessary, please contact our reception. The 110V switch device is placed under the bathroom mirror.







offers a selection of soft drinks & snacks. The products are restocked daily and charged to your account according to the prices listed below.